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by adrian Lee , Jim Miner , Matt Shamah , Max Dolberg , and Ron Earhart ,

$200.00 / Sold Out

30 Tattooers
67 Sleeves
350 Pages
1500 Copies

BloodWork: Sleeves is a collaborative project produced by the Analog Tattoo Arts Kolectiv (ATAK). The stated goal is to document, exhibit, & publish a comprehensive collection of sleeves by the WTC (World Tattoo
Community: abstract concept). Tattooers & collectors from around the globe graciously contributed to this complex collective undertaking.

During photo shoots on several continents sixty-seven sleeves were
extensively documented by house photographer Max Dolberg. Next the raw material was combined into three dynamic composite models: windmill, wingspan, & rotation. The intent of the final product is to offer a unique & singular view of the sleeve that, as of yet, has not been put forth.

The extensive range of work within the BloodWork: Sleeves catalog aspires to provide a broad view of the efforts of contemporary
tattooers working today. The ultimate purpose is to compile an unparalleled historical document for review by this & future generations. BloodWork: Sleeves is a "by tattooer for tattooer" endeavor.

This (ad)venture would not have been possible without the support of many ardent individuals within the craft.